Scrivener Tip : Work Close Up by Hoisting the Binder

In this tutorial, you will earn how to “hoist” a folder in the binder to hide the rest of your project and focus on a single section. This training is provided by Literature & Latte, creators of Scrivener.

Transcript: When you’re working in Scrivener, the binder typically shows your entire project. When you’re working with a larger project structure, it can be useful to only display a subsection of your project. To do this, select a folder and go to view, outline, hoist binder, the binder changes to display only the contents of this folder which can be navigated as normal.

if you’ve been clicking around the individual documents and want to return to view the folder as a group, simply click this curved arrow-like icon and you’ll go back to viewing the whole folder, from here you can switch between scrivenings mode, the cork board, or the outliner.

When you want to return to the full binder simply click the X in the top left here, or return to view outline and click on hoist binder.

Thanks for watching and happy writing.